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The objective of this experiment is to determine the temperature profile in a house built using O-Stable Panel System, situated in Bidor, Perak.

Comfortable built environment is one of the intentions of building a house. Hot and humid climate condition of Malaysia requires a good design and insulation to maintain a comfortable interior condition. Energy used needs to be minimized.

The challenge for Malaysian scientists, architects and design engineer is to produce comfortable house without air-conditioning.

O-Stable Panel System proved some degree of comfort without air-conditioning and is working closely to further improve through continuous research and development with University Technology Mara (UiTM).

Quality is not a state of being but a process of improving.

Temperature and humidity sensors were placed at six different locations:
1) Rooftop    2) Master Bedroom    3) Kitchen    4) Living Room    5) Family    6) In the ceiling (attic)

Data were taken for every five minutes. The sensors were left for five days (22 Sept to 26 Sept 2001) and the complete three days cycle were presented.

The temperature of the Master Bedroom, Living Room, Family Hall and Kitchen are less than 28.5C. Even the temperature in the attic is less than 30C though the temperature on the rooftop is as high as 40C.

O-Stable Panel System is good for building comfortable house and can be further improved through continuous R&D with UiTM.
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