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The unique features and advantages of O-Stable System:
Cost and time saving in many ways
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1. Foundation
Use of strip footing foundation (5 storey and below) in O-Stable Panel System can result in cost savings against pad footing and ground beam foundation in conventional method.
2. Frame Structure and Block Wall or Formwork System
The O-Stable Panel System pre-casted load bearing wall is fixed with patented wet vertical joints that no longer require floor beams, roof beams and block wall.
3. Floor or Roof Slab’s formwork
The O-Stable Panel System creates an easy method to erect and easy to dismantle the floor or roof slabs’ formwork system, unlike conventional methods that require multiple layers of work handling. Under this system, it only require 12 workers to erect 200 sq.m floor slab formwork in one day, thus provide cost saving up to 50%.
4. Thermal Insulation
The O-Stable Panel System provides for sandwich casting of the entire external wall to achieve thermal insulation within one operation instead of multiple layers of work in conventional method of construction.
5. Plastering to External and Internal Wall
O-Stable Panel System only requires skim coat instead of normal plastering to brick wall or block wall.
6. Attractive Façade Design
Should any kind of special external façade is required, the cast mould of the O-Stable System can be tailored to such needs whereby the design of the façade can be casted within one operation. This differs from the conventional G.R.C. method that needs to mount the façade on the wall.
7. Construction Period and Manpower
Both construction time and manpower requirement can be cut down by about 30%.
8. Better Resistance against Hurricane
The strip footing with the starter bars for wet vertical joints, together with the pre-casted wall panels and the wet floor slabs are tied together into a single unified box structure. Hence, the unit is strong enough to resist any eventualities of a hurricane or windstorm while the total cost of the overall structure is substantially reduced.
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