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System Concept
By sticking to the rules of the universe that contain ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and the neutral line in line with the anthropic principle which laid on the basis of clear distinction between parents and their children, the old and the young ( Ref. Illustration 1). This is the principle that made the beauty of classic buildings everlasting.

To restore today’s architectural structures, we need to preserve its best while doing away with the gaudy aspect of the building. Based on the above principle, our construction method has specially designed a set of flexible fiberglass mould to suit your ever demanding needs. Concrete panels produced by using this method can easily meet the standards set by either architects or the house owners themselves.

The concrete panels can be tailored to meet any size or into any design as demanded by the architect. The structure of these panels is simple as it has only one standard vertical and one standard horizontal joint. This has enabled the structure to achieve refinement, while maintaining its simplicity and unparalleled quality; in other words, quality control that normally is dependent on man, is now monitored by the system. This construction method has been patented in the following countries: Malaysia, US, China, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, South Africa, India, Taiwan, Brazil and Vietnam, while patent rights are pending in other countries as well.

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