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Mould Preparation And Casting

1. Set the mould dimension accoring to casting plan.
2. Tighten the side moulds.
3. Apply mould oil to its base and side moulds.
4. Laying wire-meshed and steel bars according to shop drawing.
5. Laying electrical conduits according to Panel's M & E drawing.
6. Pour concrete into the mould and make it flushed to the side moulds.
7. If there is any water piping, using a template in the panel to form a channel for conceal piping.
8. Next day, lift up the panel and store it into the stock pipe frame.

P10 : The width of "island" is 1000 mm
P15 : The width of "island" is 1500 mm
P30 : The width of "island" is 3000 mm
P35 : The width of "island" is 3500 mm

The recess walls was produced from the moulds with different sizes of island at
the center.

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