In Malaysia, prefabricated building projects have often been associated with drab low or medium-cost housing rather than the up-market sector. However, a Malaysian-invented prefabricated building system now allows luxurious homes with attractive architectural designs to be constructed faster and with almost zero defect.

Launched in June 1999, the system was invented by our Technical Advisor, an architectural engineer Khoo Tian after extensive research over 10 years and an investment of some RM4 million. Khoo likens his system to that of Lego toys. The company, O-Stable Panel Sdn Bhd...
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The O-Stable Panel System is a prefabricated system created for versatility to suit any layout and design required by the Architect.

An enhancement on conventional systems, this latest pre-cast technology from O-Stable Panel Sdn Bhd, allows luxurious homes...
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Shah Alam - 75 Units of 2 1/2 Storey Terrace Houses
Shah Alam - 2 Storey Detached Houses
Shah Alam - 506 Units of Double-Storey Terrace Houses
By sticking to the rules of the universal that contain ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and the neutral line in line with the anthropic principle which laid on the basis of clear distinction between parents...
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The O-Stable Panel System creates an easy method to erect and easy to dismantle the floor or roof slabs’
formwork system, unlike conventional methods that require multiple layers...
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Comfortable built environment is one of the intentions of building a house. Hot and humid climate condition of Malaysia requires a good design and insulation to maintain a comfortable...
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